Starting Out Electronic Projects

Arduino Project by Interesting Engineering

Hey there guys! Ever felt like venturing into a new environment scary? I do!

I know that starting out electronics might be scary for some of you because we were trained to treat electricity with respect. Remember when your parents tell you that sticking a fork into a electrical outlet is a stupid thing to do? Yes, it is still a stupid thing to do now, please don’t do that.

However, we can arm ourselves with knowledge to harness the power of electricity, and make ourselves some fun little toys. Understanding even a little bit of electronics can bring us a long way.

Now just to be clear here, I am not suggesting you to dig a 400 pages text books to learn the fundamentals. There are a lot of sources out there to teach you about the basics of electronics from the get go. Companies like Sparkfun and Adafruit build a lot of beginner friendly products to kickstart your electronics journey. Youtubers like GreatScott and EEVblog guide you through some simple projects. Heck, there’s even a crazy nut out there that gets himself hurt for our educational purpose (looking at you ElectroBOOM).

To be honest, the people that I listed is the same people that inspired me to learn more about electronics. Here I am now, throwing out my projects’ documentations for free, and hopefully, will inspire some of you too. If you are interested, why not grab yourself an Arduino, and learn how to make a LED blink! If you are not able to make it work, I am sure that there’s a button somewhere on the screen to reach me.

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