[BUG] VS Code Arduino Mega Serial Port

Hi guys, recently I found out that when you are coding Arduino mega to use its secondary serial ports, it is always “undefined” at Serial1 / Serial2 / Serial3. However the build and verify doesn’t have any issue The way to resolve this, is to locate this file After locating the file, add a “buildPreferences” … Read more

Visual Studio Code Git Autofetch

Just dropping by here because I spent almost 30minutes looking for this settings, basically I accidentally turned on “Autofetch” and I wanted to disable it Here’s the settings: File > Preferences > Settings (Ctrl + ,) Turn off “Autofetch” under Extensions > Git Of course there are tons of other things to play with, but … Read more

ESP32 Customizing Partition in PlatformIO

Hey me from the past, I know you have tried to develop a smart project with ESP32, both Bluetooth and WiFi enabled. However, you got an error like this You don’t believe that a hardware that is designed for IoT application not being able to program both Bluetooth and WiFi together. After all, all you … Read more