[BUG] VS Code Arduino Mega Serial Port

Hi guys, recently I found out that when you are coding Arduino mega to use its secondary serial ports, it is always “undefined” at Serial1 / Serial2 / Serial3. However the build and verify doesn’t have any issue The way to resolve this, is to locate this file After locating the file, add a “buildPreferences” … Read more

Visual Studio Code Git Autofetch

Just dropping by here because I spent almost 30minutes looking for this settings, basically I accidentally turned on “Autofetch” and I wanted to disable it Here’s the settings: File > Preferences > Settings (Ctrl + ,) Turn off “Autofetch” under Extensions > Git Of course there are tons of other things to play with, but … Read more

ESP32 Customizing Partition in PlatformIO

Hey me from the past, I know you have tried to develop a smart project with ESP32, both Bluetooth and WiFi enabled. However, you got an error like this You don’t believe that a hardware that is designed for IoT application not being able to program both Bluetooth and WiFi together. After all, all you … Read more

Power Supplies

If you want to move, to think, or even to breathe, you need food to supply that kind of energy. The same analogy goes to practically everything else, including electronic projects, we call these energy provider power supplies. The AC power supply that reaches your home is great for traveling a long distance from the … Read more