Autodesk EagleCAD Hide/Show Airwires

Hey me in the future, today while I was routing a PCB board using EagleCAD, I found myself getting confused by all the airwires.

ARGH the headache!

The thing is, the airwires can be a big distraction when you are routing the important lines. I keep finding myself routing another part of the board half way through.

To hide all the airwires, you can show press Ctrl+L (to activate command line mode), and enter the following code

ratsnest ! *
So clean!

Now that it is much cleaner, you can go ahead and reactivate the airwires you want to route, in this case I am trying to route the 3V3 power.

ratsnest 3V3
NO MORE distractions!

Now that it is at this state, I won’t be distracted so easily already.

You can always reactivate all your airwires by using this command, just to check on your progress.

ratsnest *

Cheers me from the future! next time you don’t have to keep googling for answer!

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