Dear Past Me, From Future Me

Hey Geek-Electronick (Chan Wei Nick) in the university dorm.

I know that you are struggling with learning electronics on your own. You don’t know what you are doing, you don’t know how to use your tools, you don’t even know the purpose of the lab projects and assignments given to you.

Trust me, I had been there, even now I am struggling with the projects that I am currently working on. This struggling will be the reason why I created this website and blog.

I am here to record down all my mistakes, all the things that I had learned, and all the precious documents that I work so painstakingly for. When you in the dorm is feeling lost, you can always come to me, I will have a solution for you. If you cannot find your solution here, please know that you can always contact me to inquire about it. I will try my best to help you.

However, I am still building the site a little at a time. Thanks for your patience, in the meantime, you can:

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